UltraIce - Hemp-Free Homeostasis Support

Patent Pending Water Soluble Formulation

Up to 94% Absorption

Quick, Long Lasting Bioavailability

Anti-Inflammatory Blend Works with UltraCell CBD or Alone

Contains Curcumin and Other Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients


Inflammation is the #1 cause of pain.  UltraICE helps reduce the inflammation that can be the root of joint and muscle pain without the side effects experienced with over the counter or prescription drugs.  Use alone or in conjunction with CBD as it boosts the effectiveness of CBD.


Dosage Directions:

UltraICE 2oz

Full Spectrum Homeostasis Support

Shake before using

Take 2ml daily or as directed by a physician


2oz Bottle - $110.00


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UltraIce Full Spectrum Hemp-Free Homeostasis Support 2oz