Introducing The All New UltraSystem Ultracell CBD & Ultra CBG Pack. This product is formulated for 24 hour coverage. To optimize and balance your health simply take CBD in the morning and CBG at night. The CBG enhances the CBD to be more effective. We recommend starting with the UltraSystem™ (UltraCell® and UltraCBG™) to provide full endocannabinoid system support. Optimal balance, optimal health.


Balance your ECS with this hottest combo on the market–UltraCell® and UltraCBG® together!
Your order will include one combination pack of one (15ml) UltraCell® Berry bottle and one (15ml) UltraCBG® Hibiscus bottle.


CBG (Cannabigerol) is the next frontier in supporting endocannabinoid system health, especially digestive and circulatory health. CBG is the parent compound for all cannabinoids and UltraCBG enhances the entourage effect when working in tandem with CBD oil to offer targeted health benefits. Full spectrum, plant based, water soluble hemp oil, CBG is packed with terpenes, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. Formulated with 60 times more CBG than UltraCell CBD oil.


Researchers are finding more and more about the benefits of CBG, here are a few.

Healthy Digestion

Circulatory Health

Protects against Brain Deterioration 

Very strong Anti-inflammatory

Muscle Relaxant





**Dosing guidelines: 0.5 ml CBD in morning & 0.5 ml CBG at bedtime for a 30 day supply.
Take back your health with our UltraSystem.


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UltraSystem CBD/CBG Pack